Current members

Luke Lindemann

Membership: 2013-present

Luke Lindemann is a graduate student. He is from Austin, Texas and has worked on Texas German dialects for the University of Texas. He is currently looking at the semantics of split ergativity in Nepali. As a member of the YGDP, he is particularly engaged with the ongoing investigation into the Southern Presentative Dative (‘Here’s you a piece of pizza’) constructions.

Matthew Tyler

Membership: 2013-present

Matt Tyler is a graduate student. His research is mainly in syntax, and he is interested in formal approaches to syntactic variation. This includes variation across dialects of US English, and variation within individual speakers. Constructions he has worked on recently are "have yet to", as in "John has yet to visit his grandmother", and "do got", as in "do you got any money?"

Randi Martinez

Membership: 2017-Present

Randi Martinez is a graduate student. Her research interests are in syntactic variation and the syntax-semantics and syntax-pragmatics interfaces.  She has looked at the after-perfect construction and is currently working on the possessive relative that’s construction (`the book that’s cover is ripped’). 

Serena Puang

Membership: 2018-Present

Serena is a sophomore at Yale College, studying Linguistics, and she is interested in code-mixing and language acquisition. She is currently serving as Vice President of the Yale Undergraduate Linguistics Society.

Shayley Martin

Membership: 2018-Present

Shayley is a sophomore at Yale College, studying Linguistics. Her research focuses on Appalachian English. She is currently investigating the phenomenon known as relative where.

Josephine Holubkov

Membership: 2019-Present
Josephine Holubkov is a first-year at Yale College who plans to major in Linguistics. She is interested in the cognitive effects of multilingualism and how we perceive people based on their dialects. She currently serves as the NACLO Chair of the Yale Undergraduate Linguistics Society. 

Lydia Lee

Membership: 2019-Present

Lydia Lee is a first-year who was inspired to apply to Yale because of the YGDP. She is from Southern California and is excited to continue exploring the field of Linguistics at Yale.

Liam Curtis

Membership: 2020-Present

Liam Curtis is a first-year in Berkeley from Chappaqua, NY. He is a prospective Cognitive Science major, who is interested in cognitive linguistics and curious about the intersection of race and language. 

Carolina Fraga

Membership: 2021-present

Carolina Fraga is a graduate student from the CUNY Graduate Center. She is interested in theoretical syntax in general, and in the syntax of Spanish in particular. She has worked on spatial prepositions in Spanish and on quantifiers, and is currently doing research on the completive all/todo construction (Tenés toda arena en el pelo./You have all sand in your hair.) in both Spanish and English.

Milena Šereikaitė

Membership: 2021-present

Milena Šereikaitė is a postdoctoral associate in syntax. The primary focus of her research conserns syntactic theory, syntax/morphology and syntax/semantics interfaces.  Milena’s work investigates properties of Voice, case, subjecthood, passives vs. impersonals, nominalizations in Lithuanian. She is also interested in syntactic variation.